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Welcome to my website about straight razors.  Here I willshow you the benefits of switching to a straight razors and review different razors to make it easier for you to find the right one.

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Cut-throat razor

Straight razors, or cut throat razor as they are also called, have many benefits over disposal razors and shavettes. They are cheaper to use, give a closer shave and is always on hand when you need them. You will never run out of razors before an important meeting or date if you use a straight razor. Using a cut-throat razor is a lot easier than you think and the riks that you will end up cutting yourself is relatively small. Many men who switch to this type of razor finds that they cut themselves less with a straight edge razor then what they did when they used disposable razors.

Becoming popular again

Straight razors large went out of fashion after the shavette and the disposable razor was introduced. This is sad because he straight razor is vastly superior to all other types of razors. This type of razor is luckily becoming more popular again. More and more men are discovering that these razors can give you a closer, cleaner shave than any other type of razor.

The benefits of cut- throat razors

The cut-throat razor has many benefits over other types of razors. We have already talked about one of the most important ones. The fact that a straight razor can give you a better shave than any other type of razor. That they allow you to get a professional shave at home. You will never want to go back to a regular razor once you have felt how close a shave you can get with a straight edge razor.

The close clean shave is only one of the benefits. Below we are going to look at a few more benefits of using a straight razor.

Saves you money

A Straight razor is a great investment that will save you a lot of money. It is one of the best investments you can make as a man.

save moneyThe following calculation was originaly featured on the swedish website and it shows how much money you can safe by switching to a straight razor.

In the example we assume that you are currently using Gillette Fusion 5.   An “8 blade refill pack” cost $23.97 on Amazon. We will use this price in this example as actual local prices in the US, UK and other countries can vary.   The person in this example shaves every morning and sometimes at night if he is going out.  He switches blade every second day. It is possible to use the blades for longer but my experince is that they lose their sharpness  after the second day.  Changing the blade every second day gives a smoother better shave that your wife or girlfriend will thank you for.

The man in this example will use 15 blades a month.     He will use 23 blade refill packs in a year.  23  “8 blade refill pack” will cost $551.31 in one year.

What does this mean?

  • This means that you can spend $551 on a straight razor and still break even on your investment within a year. You will have saved the money back within 12 months. After that you save $551 every year that you can use for something else.
  • In ten years you can save more than $ 5510 by switching to a straight razor.  $5000 if we assume that you spent $550 to buy the razor.
  • Assuming you are in your 20s you can save more than $ 25 000 during your life time by switching to a straight razor.  ($20 000 if you are in your 30s and $15 000 if you are your 40s)
  • If you chose to invest all the money you save from using a straight razor into a index fund or blue chips stocks then you are likely to have more then $150 000 invested in 30 years.  This is due to compound interest.  Switching to a straight razor can in help you save  a lot of money for your retirement or to buy an exotic car.

Environmentally friendly

Disposable razors are a waste. They are made from plastic and you only use them once before they (or at least the head) ends up in a landfill somewhere. It is a waste of resources, it creates an unnecessary carbon footprint because the new razors need to be produced and shipped and it creates a lot of waste. All things we should try to avoid.

By switching to a straight edge razor you can eliminate all these problems and help reduce the impact humanity has on this planet. If you buy a high- quality razor and take good care of it then that razor will last for the rest of your life. You will never have to buy a new razor again.

We believe that disposable razors should be outlawed completely.

Always on hand

Better control

The coolness factor

I admit that this is the least important benefit of using a straight edge razor but it can not be denied that it is cool to use a cut-throat razor. It is a lot cooler than using a regular disposable razor. It signals that you care about how you look and that you know how to get the best possible shave. You are not afraid of using a very sharp knife to shave. It is a more manly way to shave.

With that being said. I recommend straight razors to women as well. They are a lot better then the disposable razors that are designed for women and women can save even more money by buying a straight razor because razors that are designed for women are often more expensive than razors made for men. To use a cutthroat razor is a way to avoid the pink tax.