Japanese Straight Razor

Shaving is a daily activity for most, but for some it is a true art form. When you combine that with the discipline ingrained in the Japanese culture, you get a true master craftsmanship. The tool used to delivery this mastery, is the Japanese Straight Razor. Delivering a superior razor carved out of one piece of steel, this work of art gives a superior performance and experience. Only made out of the finest materials, the Japanese Straight Razor delivers a great a cleaner and closer cut than any of their competitors in the world.

japanese Straight RazorWhat makes the Japanese Straight Razor even more interesting is the fact that they are surprisingly more economical than any disposable razors or straight razors used around the world. Once familiar with the tool you can have more control and artistry in your shave than with any other type of razor. In most countries across to the world, when you go for a paid shave, you will usually encounter straight razors, as they allow for great shaves or short or long beards and help you shape the beard with perfect lines and curves.

So why should you try the Japanese Straight Razor? The reasons are plenty, lets discuss a few.


Made with love and patience, the Japanese straight razors, differ from their Western brothers in many ways. Crafted to last a lifetime, these blades are ground on both sides, compared to just one side of the West straight razors. Since the grounding on the Japanese straight razor is uneven you get a single blade shave. Whether the handles are covered in bamboo, wood, or ground down metal, you will have control, beauty, and elegance on display from its appearance to performance.

The Shave

The adjustment period between the regular razors we use daily and straight razors is no doubt, one that requires patience, but once mastered is oh so worth it. Instead of a handle use will be holding on to the end of the blade itself, thus making the shave one that much more personal and precise. First time shaving with a Japanese straight razor will take you about 30 minutes, but with time, you can finish a perfect shave in 6 minutes or less.

You should start practicing with this razor at night or other times when you are not rushed, as it will be more time consuming than your usual shave with a disposable razor. Concentration is key when first handling the “Kamisori” the Japanese word for razor. As kamisori gives you a closer shave than anything you have experienced before, you will love the less friction and silkier & smoother shave that only these crafts of centuries of experience can deliver.

Experience and Value

Mastering the use of a tool that is so rich in history and culture will leave elevate your shaving to heights that you cannot feel with a disposable razor or even a standard straight razor. There is also a meditative sense of using a Japanese straight razor as it will require you to concentrate your mind and silence your body. As the level of difficulty increases with these blades, so does the sense of masculinity and accomplishment achieved from the finished product.

If you ever did the math, then you know how expensive using disposable razors can be. This weight on your wallet can be reduced greatly by switching to the Japanese straight razors, as the blades will need changing much less frequently.

Japanese straight razor supplies an unmatched performance, almost therapeutic experience, and a better bang for your buck. From the first use, you will soon see why the Japanese straight razor is the shaving tool you never knew you needed and one that you cannot turn back from.