Shaving Cream

You have probably lathered up countless times with shaving cream, not thinking all that much about why you use it. Let’s face it. Shaving can be one of those daily activities where your mind goes into autopilot.

Picking and using the right cream for your shave may not be a concern high on your list, but if you are a straight blade user it is actually an important choice to make. Let’s dive in to find out the real purpose for shaving cream and the best way to use it.

What Is Shaving Cream

Shaving cream is an emollient. It is designed in order to keep the heat and moisture in your skin. Taking a shower prior to shaving is essential to shaving with cream so that the heat from the water remains on the skin. Also, open pores are far more beneficial to work with, than closed.

How to Use Shaving Cream

Shaving cream can come in an aerosol can, jar or even a tube. It is typically applied by layering on a thin amount to the surface of the skin after showering. If no shower is available, the risk of shaving with closed pores increases. In this case, application of a hot towel prior to using the cream is helpful to open them.

Once the cream is applied, shaving can begin. It is beneficial to let the cream sit and moisturize the skin for a period of time like a minute or two. Application of the cream should be done with a brush for the cleanest shave.

This helps your hair stand up straight, instead of lying down on your skin. Applying it with your hands will result in a less clean shave and require more passes with the blade. The best scenario is one pass with the blade in any given area.

Benefits of Using Shaving Cream

Shaving cream helps to cover those open pores, trapping moisture and heat on the skin’s surface, making it a cleaner shave. It provides a protective layer on the skin, keeping the blade of the razor from skipping or jumping on it. This can result in razor burn which is just a conglomeration of tiny little cuts.

As the blade of your razor scrapes over the hair, it pulls and tugs, while cutting. If there is no use of shaving cream, your hair is less manageable, and the shave is not as accurate.

Where to Buy Shaving Cream

Shaving cream can certainly be found in grocery stores. They are generally stocked with more varieties containing alcohol which dries the skin. Department stores and big box stores can offer a better variety of creams along with all of the other shaving gear you will need.

The most choices you will find is of course online. There are many stores that sell online as well as on Amazon, offering you a wide selection of creams. Selecting the right cream is as important as the right razor. It can make all of the difference in a close shave so choose wisely.