Beard Dyes

Being a man does not mean we want to look old or look the same every day. We can change our appearance with different hair and facial hair cuts like all people, or use dyes to accentuate our new cuts, style, or personality. Well, worry no more my Y chromosome friends now we too can express ourselves freely through the use of dyes.

Beard dyes help you combat old age, and or help you bring your personality to front and center. Whether you want to reinforce your natural beard color or are looking to change your color completely, beard dyes can be a great part of your “Manscaping” routine. It is important to choose the right dye for the right affect. Ranging from touch up dyes that eliminate the grays, to synthetic or natural dyes that make your beards’ color as much of your style as its cut and length. The selections are endless.

Your Goals, Your Products

Hair on your head is a sponge compare to that on your face. Coarser, rougher, and dryer hair that comes out on your face will require you to correctly analyze and tame the hair of your beard. If your goal is to subtly eliminate the grays that are sprouting up or change your beard color completely the products you will need to use differ.

It is vital to know your hair, skin, and the goal you have when starting to use beard dyes. Professional stylists recommend that you start with a dye that is only a few shades lighter or darker than your starting color. The time and repetitive application required for transformation changes from person to person and beard to beard. Once you realize your goals and understand your beard, it is time to dye.

How to Dye Wisely

As with any self-care product you will have to do some prep work. Like you would with your head hair, first step is to wash, clean, and dry your hair. This allows your beard to be clean of dead skin, dirt, or any of the other remnants that might get in the way.

Next you will need to prep your beard, this can mean a quick trim to a shave and style. Once you bring your beard to the shape you want, apply a layer of mineral oil or petroleum jelly around the beard to prevent from the dye spilling on to the skin.

Finally the Dye

Now, you are ready to begin dying your beard. It is always important to use gloves as dyes can easily irritate the skin. Mix the solution you bought, whether natural mixtures for the sensitive skinned men or synthetic mixes for people without the same problems. When your mix is ready, you are ready to slowly brush the dye into the skin. Using an up-and-down system fully coat your beard, making sure the reach deep into your beard to avoid the mix of shades through the beard.

After you coated your beard, allow it to settle, most products can do this in 10-20 minutes. Remember to keep checking on the color and make sure the final product looks like what you want, if not rinse, repeat and start again.


Maintenance is vital for any dye product, this Is not different for beard dyes. To maintain your color and style, always rinse lightly, avoiding hard scrubbing or hot water that can wash off or fade the color. Use a combination of color-protecting products and beard oils to protect your color and strength of your beard. Final form of maintenance is the touch up method. Most dyes are temporary and begin fading between 3-6 weeks. This makes reapplying the best way to maintain your color.