How to Store a Straight Razor

Shaving with a straight razor can be cut throat. It can become a bit dicey when you open up your blade to shave and you see rust. Although razor storage is usually not top of the mind for most novice shavers, it should be.

Making the right choice for storage can mean the difference between keeping an expensive blade and destroying one. Why not take care of your steel blade by making the right choice to protect it from moisture and mayhem?

Types of Razors

The first thing to acknowledge when storing your blade is what type you have. If your blade is from any of the top blade makers like Thiers-Issard, you will find that they offer several storage options for purchase which is an incentive to stay true to their brand. Brands like Dovo, Böker, Parker and Merkur also make storage options for their blades.

Where to Store a Straight Razor

Before storing your razor, it is important to remember to let it air dry. Water trapped on the razer after stored will only lead to corrosion on the steel blade. Storing a straight razor can be done with a simple terry cloth towel. Just lay the blade in a towel and fold it around.

Beautifully carved wooden boxes, similar to the cigar humidor can be purchased for your razor. This is of course a more expensive storage option, but certainly fool proof. The box acts as a protective shell and can add to the whole shaving experience.

If you are in need of more protection than a towel can provide, a leather pouch may be a good choice. This helps to protect the blade from scuffing and potentially hurting someone, as well.

When storing your razor for an extended period of time, you need to oil it. This will help to protect it from the elements in the atmosphere that lead to corrosion.

Benefits of Storing a Straight Razor

Because razors are made of steel, they may rust in the humidity and mist of the bathroom. Corrosion can take place even on the most expensive blades, so storing it out of the way of the bathroom atmosphere can be crucial to the blades effectiveness.

Safety is also a consideration. If you have children or other family members that use the same facilities as you, it is important to store the blade out of reach of tiny little hands and unsuspecting guests.

Storing your razer ultimately keeps it safe from damage. It is usually an expensive tool, sometimes made with expensive materials on the handle. It would be a shame to damage such a valuable piece of equipment due to lack of proper care.

Where to Buy

Online, there are several options for your choice of razor. Along with these choices, most companies offer storage solutions. Just look into each store and their offerings, ranging from razors to shaving cream to strops to leather pouches. It is best to go along with each individual blade maker’s advice on storage. They know their craft and how to take care of their blades in the best way.