Kamisori Straight Razor

Western shaving world is dominated by disposable razors. These short-term use razors are made to be safe and easy to use. For people that want a little more out of their shaving experience, straight razors are is still a mysterious and masculine choice. These fascinating blades present a different level of control and danger at the same time. For those that are looking for the best the world has to offer on straight razors, the highest of the high is the Kamisori straight razor out of Japan.

Kamisori Straight RazorThe Kamisori straight razor is rich in centuries of history and are referred to as the top level of craftmanship in straight razors. Kamisori means ‘razor’ in Japanese, but around the world it carries a deeper meaning of Eastern ingenuity and a masterful shave. It is not as easy to pick up and use the kamisori as with their disposable cousins.


With a history dating back 800 years, kamisori razors are a static blade design that evokes the look of a samurai sword. The unique design was created originally for monks who used them to shave their heads, and later was adapted to the clean-shaven samurai. The blade itself is grounded on both sides, compared to one side on their western versions.

Another crucial difference of the kamisori compared to their brothers around the world, is the challenge of learning to properly use the razor. Unlike the traditional straight razor, the kamisori blade has a completely different angle, which takes time to adjust too. Though once mastered, it really does deliver an incredible shave that speaks for itself.

One of the coolest things about kamisori razors is the appearance, the design is simply striking. There is no actual handle, so you hold on to the thinner part of the kamisori itself, this gives a truly different level of control.

Is the Kamisori For You

Not everyone might feel enriched by the history or the Japanese culture surrounding the kamisori. If you fall in that category than why should you try this blade? Some experts of using this blade suggest that there truly is a therapeutic sense to using the kamisori. The focus, calm, and patience it takes to shave with one, brings a feeling of calm and accomplishment. You can feel the great deal of care and attention that went into the creation of the blade, and that quality is a big reason for its popularity.

Acquiring one of these beauties is not easy and can come with a hefty cost. Yes online sellers are many, but they tend to be more expensive. Once you have one however, you need to take great care of it. The time invested into your kamisori makes you feel a rare sense of unity with the monks and samurais that made this razor famous. The kamisori must be honed properly with a specific stone.

While the initial investment might seem high, the fact that these blades are timeless when taken care of actually saves you a lot of money on the long run. While disposable razors seem cheaper, the repeated purchases actually add up to costing way more.

History, culture, and discipline usually are not represented by a shaving tool, but kamisori truly is a different specimen. One of those things that once you try you can never return from, true master craftsmanship is displayed in each unique kamisori. Whether you just love the countless samurai movies or are fascinated by the discipline of the monks, or simply love the incredible shave offered, kamisori will not disappoint. A closer, better, and cleaner shave than anything you’ve experienced before is just one purchase away.