Moustache Wax

As man, we learn very little in life about growing or caring for our facial hair, one of the main tools at our disposal for changing our appearance, style, and self-confidence. Whether you chose to go for a full-blown Viking or Lumberjack style beard, a glorious handlebar mustache, or a stubble you will need to certain maintenance products to keep your facial hair feeling and looking its best.

If you came to the conclusion that a mustache is the right choice for you, then the one product you have to keep in your arsenal is the mustache wax.

What is It?

Waxes are a diverse class of organic compounds found in nature that are hydrophobic. They are malleable around room temperature and have an extensive variety of uses. Moustache wax is historically made from multiple ingredients, but the base is usually pine resin or beeswax. These to naturally found compounds give the holding effect that styling waxes are used for.

Moustache waxes are available different levels of firmness or grades, that change depending on what style and strength of hold you want. Ranging from very loose holds with a natural aesthetic to tight and stiff holds who want to style their moustaches for a greater presentation or say, for competitions.

Benefits of Moustache Wax

A common mistake is assuming that moustache wax is simply used for cosmetic purpose. While yes, the main use is for visual effect, there are also several medical benefits and daily uses to moustache wax. Let’s speed through some of the main benefits below.

  • Hair in Mouth: One of the most irritating parts of growing a moustache is the fact that no matter what you do, hairs find their way into your mouth. Through the use of moustache wax you can style and train the hairs above your lip to lay away from your mouth. Helping your style and your comfort.
  • Restoration: Depending on the ingredients in the brand you choose, the wax you choose can be used for more than removing hair from your mouth. Ingredients like Shea Butter, Coconut/Olive/Almond Oil, and Lanolin can easily repair and nurture your moustache to facilitate easy and fast growth of a healthy moustache.
  • A New Option: While most moustache owners might be left with the options of trimming or shaving their moustache, moustache wax can make your moustache a fun part of your appearance instead of a nuisance.

How to Use It

There is a level of intimidation that goes into choosing and using moustache waxes. While the bases are similar for almost all selections, the added ingredients change the usability and benefits offered. To figure out how to use the wax, you first need to figure out what you want out of your moustache wax.

Some compounds will require some heat before being malleable enough to apply, while other daily use ones will be ready to go at room temperature. This need for heat, usually increases with the strength of hold offered. Some types last around 8 hours while other ones can last you about 16 hours. These are usually made for competitive moustaches, rather than daily users.

To apply the wax, you can heat the compound under running water, by using your body temperature, or with a hair dryer. After heating the moustache wax to a useable temp, you can extract a small amount to your fingers and spread it between your thumb and index finger on both hands. From here you can spread the wax across your moustache, while simultaneously styling your Stache.

Moustaches are a sense of pride, confidence and masculinity for most men. It’s only fair you treat them with great care and love. Moustache waxes are a must for anyone who cares about the health and appearance of their facial hair.