Shaving Gel

Shaving is a delicate process where a person takes a very sharp object and cuts the hair as close as possible next to the surface of the skin. It is quite a dangerous proposal and can yield dry, flakey skin.

Is it any wonder why there is an entire industry devoted only to creams, gels and foams? For use with a straight razor, shaving gel is one of the best choices to protect and condition your skin. Let’s get into the how and why.

What is Shaving Gel

When comparing its protective and conditioning properties, shaving gel is not much different than shaving cream. It is an emollient and humectant in that it protects the skin from moisture loss and provides moisture as well.

By trapping the heat in your skin, shaving gel aids in a closer shave. When your hair follicle is heated, the skin around it expands and loosens, making it easier for the blade to get closer to the base of the hair shaft.

Shave gel starts as a gel and, when lathered, becomes a foam. There are also gels that remain clear when applied in order to see the hair beneath it. Shave gel is specifically used for more of a hydrating effect over foams and creams, as it tends to trap more moisture due to its density.

How to Use Shaving Gel

Shaving gel is usually trapped under pressure in a can or a bottle. It is expressed from the bottle by pressing the dispenser tab. When it is released from the pressure of the can, it does not transform into a foam, like traditional foam. It is only when lathered that it becomes foam.

Some gels remain in the form of a gel for the duration of the shave. Simply apply to the entire area of hair after a hot shower and begin shaving.

Benefits of Using Shaving Gel

Usually shaving gel has more ingredients in it geared to refresh and hydrate the skin, like cucumber and aloe. It is important that, after a shower, some kind of cream or foam be applied prior to shaving. They are also better for sensitive skin due to the more expensive nature of the product. Shaving gels tend to be made for a more persnickety customer.

Shaving gel helps to maintain the skin’s supple nature after showering, aiding in a closer, cleaner shave. Gel reduces the potential for razor burn and helps to keep the skin warm by trapping the surface heat. This also helps the skin, allowing it to move with the razor instead of staying brittle and unforgiving.

Without using shaving gel, you will be forced to make more passes with the razor. This increases the likelihood of getting razor burn and cuts.

Where to Buy Shaving Gel

Most department stores and men’s departments carry shaving gel along with creams and foams. Barber shops are good places as well to find higher quality gels.

There are a number of online stores that will help to explain the differences in their brand and ingredients as opposed to the competition if you opt to shop from your smartphone.