Shaving Soap

Shaving soaps are the forefather of all the shaving gels and foams used widely today. From their first appearance in the 14th century, shaving soaps were the crucial to the shaving men until shaving creams became widely available. The humorous thing is that the things that came out after the shaving soaps, are actually worse than the product they were made to replace.

Shaving Soap is a toiletry consisting of a combination of soap and fatty acids that help the rich lather you are used to seeing. Most shaving soaps come with a bowl of sorts usually made from wood or plastic. Today shaving soaps come in numerous different ways, ranging from animal-based soaps to ones made out of natural plant oils.

Shaving Cream vs. Shaving Soap

The main difference between the two products is mainly the water. Shaving creams come with some level of water already in the mix and shaving soaps are dry and will require you to use water. Though, shaving soaps tend to last much longer than the shaving creams. The accompanying bowl and brush that comes with the shaving soaps allows you to mix in water and create a better lubricant for each shave. One of the main dividers between the two products is the cost per shave. Shaving soaps will last much longer, thus requiring less money in the long run.

Shaving Soaps Benefits

Traditional shaving soaps offer a variety of benefits over their modern alternatives. With a history dating back 5,000 years soaps have the edge over their newer easier to use versions. The job of the shaving soap is to serve as the lubricant in helping you protect your skin and make shaving an easier and less hassle-free for men. As the shaving soap softens the hairs on your face, your irritation and risk of cuts to the skin goes down exponentially.

Another great advantage of shaving soaps is the fragrances they come with. These natural scents tend to make your shaving time more pleasant, and leave you feeling fresh and smelling great. On top of this there is the extra layer of protection, the soap itself serves as a cleanser so not only do you get a good shave you also clean your face in the process.

When the soap is lathered and applied it raises the softened hairs higher, creating the perfect platform for a great close shave.

Types of Shaving Soaps

Soaps might have been around since 3,000 B.C. but as with everything, with time came improvements. Today you can buy many different types of shaving soaps: Three main types are animal based hard and soft soaps and vegetable oil-based vegan friendly soaps.

Harder soaps were traditionally used much more than soft soaps. There is not much difference between the hard and soft soaps, except that harder soaps will require a little extra time and effort to lather. Another thing of note is that soft shaving soaps don’t tend to last as long as their hard counterparts.

All versions of shaving soaps in the market come with different scents and ingredients.

How to Use Shaving Soaps

When choosing the right soap for your shave, always check the fat and glycerin in the soap, the fragrance and the price. When you pick the brand for you it’s time to use th bowl and brush and a little water to get your soap from a hard or soft soap to a well lathered mixture ready to be applied on to the skin.

Some things to remember:

  • Always use hot water
  • Make sure your brush is softened in the warm water and have soaked up the water.
  • Use circular motions when lathering, 20-30 seconds should be more than enough
  • Massage the lather into your skin in circular motions
  • Add a touch of warm water as you continue your shave.

Shaving can be more than a hassle and a good shaving soap can go a long way to make that happen. Old school and sometimes still be cool, and this product can give you a great shave a case of nostalgia.