Shaving your Head with a Straight Razor

When you learned how to shave, it was mainly focused on your cheeks, chin, and throat. This was your introduction into shaving and all you really needed to learn the first two decades. If you are one of the lucky few whose father converted to the straight razor, then you were taught the benefits that only a straight razor shave can give.

Benefits of straight razor shaving are many. Some of which are precision, control, reduction of friction & irritation, and better final product. Some could even argue the meditative sensation that comes from focus and calm achieved by using a straight razor.

With time your genetics come into play and you realize you didn’t just get your father’s smile or nose but his balding crown as well. Of course, you do not need to balding to want a perfectly shaved head like some of your childhood idols like the Rock, Lex Luthor, or even Kurt Angle. So, what happens then? Then, it’s time to master shaving your head.

Perfect Tool for the Job.

While you can choose from any of the razors at your disposal or budget, the best shave always come from straight razors or straight razors for the pros. For the average person looking to jump up from the disposable lifestyle, straight razors are the perfect choice. While the choice is slightly trickier due to the angles and visibility of the head, it does deliver a better shave.

Straight razors require more patience, control, practice, calm and time. Since the straight blade is not made to curve around angles of the face or head as their disposable brothers, you will need to have the right setup to get the best cut.

Straight Razor and….

A brush and canvas are the only things a painter needs to create an appealing painting. For you, your straight brush is your brush and your head is the canvas. But this alone is not enough, most barbers and experts will recommend you have handy: an electric razor to buzz down the hair, pre-shave oils and a hot towel to soften the hair, shaving cream to reduce the friction and irritation and a sharp blade to get the job done right.

You got everything you need, now what? Now it’s time to get to cutting.

How to Shave Your Head Right

Whether you are balding or looking for a change of style, first step is to clean off all the access hair. For this, you need to use an electric clipper, without any heads or attachments to get as close to the scalp as possible. Once this is done, you can use pre-shave oils and or a hot towel to soften the remaining hair, to best prepare for the blade. After your stubble is soft and ready, it’s time to apply the shaving cream.

Shaving cream is the shield for your scalp that allows the blade to glide across the skin. The moisture from the shaving cream is the lubricant that helps prevent cuts and irritation. Now you are ready to move on to using your razor.

Here are some key things to remember when shaving your head with a straight razor:

  • Know Your Head: Every head is similar but different, we all have specific bumps, slopes and change in skin tightness, so it is vital to know the layout of your head.
  • Focus on Angles: Unlike shaving your face, which is straighter, your head is curved and thus it is vital to change the angles with which you use your straight razor. Avoid long strokes and keep the shave close.
  • Shaving Mirror and Proper Lighting: These two things are vital for maintaining a great visual of your complete head, so you are not guessing and risking cuts.
  • Strop and Hone: Your head on average has three times the surface area so you should stop strop and hone your straight razor more often to combat loss of sharpness. This will guarantee your tools are exactly how they need to be at all times.

Combining the right tools and techniques can make getting the perfect head shave breeze. Straight razors can seem more intimidating but the results are worth the practice and effort.